New Features for QuickBooks 2012/13

New Features for QuickBooks 2012/13There are new features and enhancements out for the QuickBooks 2012/13 edition.

Enhancements include:

  • New Sample Company files.
  • Multi-user speed.
  • Employment Termination Payments.
  • CVV.

New Features include: (Available in Accounting and Above.)

  • Customer Snapshot.
  • Credit pop-up.
  • “Amounts include tax” checkbox on General Journals.

New Sample Company files. This year Reckon have released new sample company files.  These files are based in 2024 so that the user does not accidentally use the information in there own company data.

Multi-user speed. Quickbooks multi-user speed has been improved so that multiple users can use the same program and does not become slowed as it use to.

Employment Termination Payments. In Quickbooks 2012/13 when you process an Employment Termination Payments it will check their date of birth to work out their preservation age.  Doing so this will assist in calculating the correct tax on the Employment Termination Payments.

CVV. From 2012, the Commonwealth Bank has requested that all credit card payments must have the CVV number included.  However, at this stage it is only the Commonwealth Bank that has done this but Reckon believe other banks will follow the Commonwealth Banks example.

New Features: (Available in Accounting and above.)

Customer Snapshot. A new addition in the Company Snapshot.  There is a number of different things that the Customer Snapshot enables you to do e.g. view a summary of any selected customer showing you the number of years they have been a customer, the average days it takes them to pay a bill, what their opening balance is and credit limit, and also their total sales.  It also lets you list your last ten invoices created and the last ten payments that you have received.

Credit pop-up. A pop-up will appear when a credit exists for a Supplier.  So, now in QuickBooks if you have a credit with a supplier and you entre a bill for that supplier or are paying bills for that supplier you will see a pop-up reminding you that there is an existing credit.

“Amounts including tax” checkbox on General Journals. In the new 2012/13 you can tick yes to having amounts including tax on General Journals.  This allows you to enter gross amounts into General Journals instead of having to work out the net amount as before.

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