Reckon Accounts Hosted Promotion

Celia joins us at TSC Services

TSC Services is currently offering new subscribers to Reckon Accounts Hosted with an additional 3 months free subscription (i.e. 15 months for the price of 12).

 This is a great opportunity for you to migrate from your desktop version of Reckon Accounts to the cloud.  You can continue using your current Reckon Accounts with the convenience of accessing business data anywhere anytime using your tablet or laptop by upgrading to Accounts Hosted.

 Get real-time Business information and share the data with your Bookkeeper/Accountant and also receive Product and compliance updates streamlined so you’ll never need to install software to the desktop again helping save time and improve efficiency.

 Included in the deal, is a migration of all existing Reckon Accounts data files to the Accounts Hosted service at no extra cost. You may also attend a complimentary training webinar to get familiar with the new features and functionalities of Accounts Hosted.

 To order the upgrade please phone 66130555 or email us.

 Time is limited for this offer, so don’t delay in contacting us.