Reckon Accounts 2015 Upgrade

Reckon Accounts Hosted 2015 is here!

As of┬áMonday 13 April, Reckon Accounts Hosted 2015 has arrived! Accounts Hosted 2015 will have 2 new features in the form of “Bank Transaction Rules” and “Customisable Supplier Remittance Advices”.

Here are the new features:

BankData transaction rules
Set up rules for your bank transactions and have it automatically sorted into the right category in your software and easily reconcile your financial data.

Customisable supplier remittance advices
You can now customise your supplier remittance advices. Choose to modify the template and add custom fields, change the sender details, insert your logo and personalise messages to suit the needs of your business.

If you need assistance in this exciting upgrade feel free to contact us here at the office on 66130555 or contact us