Pricing Model

Pricing ModelI thought I would let you know why we have adopted a ‘service priced’ model for our services.

After years of providing services in the financial and IT industry, we realise that we spend a tremendous amount of time recording actual effort involved on a particular task and then, when it comes to invoicing, we then spend time adjusting it to match our expectations of what is a realistic charge anyway.  If all that sounds confusing, it is.  I have come to the conclusion that it is much better to offer a service that we can easily quote upon and if it takes longer than expected, that is something we can manage, however our pricing will remain consistent.

So what are some of the details behind the services we offer?  Our web page contains a model pricing structure that may assist in budgeting for our costs.  Some of the key items in completing a BAS include:

– Initial set up to ensure that your software is set up the best way for both yourself & ourselves. Nothing worse than struggling with problems from the past!

– Import electronic bank statement or spreadsheet transactions into QuickBooks, including allocating transactions to appropriate accounts and reconciling against the provided statements.  We differentiate between lots of transactions and just a few.

– Payroll can be complicated; however we are confident our pricing model covers most contingencies.

– BAS reconciliation against the Profit & Loss (to ensure GST is correct) and electronic submission to ATO on your behalf.  Superannuation liability report generated.

– Site visits.  Our model enables us to minimise the cost of providing you a service by limiting site visits.

– Extra services like web page design, training.

The Australian Taxation Requirements for BAS Service providers has changed significantly over the last couple of years.  Our professional fees, training, insurance requirements have increased dramatically.  We do our best to absorb these costs by thinking of ways to increase the number of customers we service and “spread the load”, however this does have an
impact on our charges.  You should be assured that our services are professional and that you are in good hands – we really
do care about your business.

What we generally don’t charge for:

–  Telephone/email support is an essential part of our service.  You should feel confident to contact us whenever you need assistance.  We only charge if excessive support is required.

–   Our knowledge base.  We have a tremendous knowledge base and resources at our fingertips and we spend many hours conducting ongoing professional training and meeting compliance requirements.

–    General IT support whilst working on your accounts. It’s nice to know that we can assist outside the square!